List your products on Amazon and Ebay, without the hassle of dealing with B2C customers.

Your customers are buying online.

They're buying on marketplaces like and Ebay. If your products aren't there, you're losing sales. But B2C commerce and small orders are tough when you're used to dealing in case pack quantities. Let us help.

We make B2C hassle-free.

You're used to selling in case-pack quantities. Customers want to buy one at a time. We can help - sell to Orinoco in case-packs and we'll deal with all the B2C logistics and shipping. You don't need to change your process at all.

We handle customer service.

Customers want to call and email before and after they buy something. They send returns. Overall, it's a big resource commitment, and one that many brands aren't setup to handle. That's why we handle ALL customer service.

Sell Online
No Hassles
Customer Service

Most brands don't have the customer service staff to handle the calls and emails that come with selling on marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. We handle all the customer service calls and emails for you, so you never have to interact with individual consumers.

We Buy Cases (or Pallets)

We can be flexible to fit your ideal minimum orders, so you don't have to upend your logistics process for small orders. We handle all the case breaks and direct-to-consumer shipping in our own warehouses. No need to change your process, just ship cases as usual.

On-time Payment

We pay on time, everytime. Simply invoice us just like you do with all your other wholesale customers, and the check will be in the the mail. We can also pay via credit card if you'd prefer. To your accountants, we look just like another wholesale customer.

We can help your brand reach customers online.

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